Changing Your Oil


You can buy oil at your local automotive store. They usually have in particular 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter anywhere from twelve to fifteen dollars, but this also requires some tools and equipment. But with the right tools and equipment, you will be a professional at changing the oil of your vehicles. You will need a cat; the cat stands, a set of dice, an oil bucket (to hold the oil) and a rag in case you get a little dirty. First, you must raise the vehicle. Place the jack stands on each end of the car just below the driver’s and passenger’s doors. There should be a small notch where to locate the cat. These are in case the cat wants to fail for any reason. If you wish, you can lower the vehicle on the bases to make life easier. Now that you have the vehicle up, you should get under the vehicle and look for the oil pan. Now that you have located the oil sump, you will see a drain plug. Each vehicle has one; you just have to find it!

Now grab your socket assembly and look for the appropriately sized socket to remove the drain plug. When the correct size is found, place the oil pan under the drain plug. For best results, before allowing the oil to drain, start the engine and allow it to run for about ten minutes, so the oil flows through the engine and becomes hot. This is to make the oil drain softer and faster, but be careful not to burn because the engine will be hot. Wear suitable gloves and a long sleeve shirt if necessary.

Now that the vehicle has been running for at least ten minutes, you can turn off the vehicle. Place the oil pan under the drain plug and remove the drain plug. Righty tighty, left-handed loosey. A little trick I always use! Be careful when removing the drain plug because the oil will come out fast, so it must be fast! After the oil drains, you can screw the drain plug into place. Now to change the oil filter, simply unscrew the filter by hand, but be careful not to burn. After it has run out, place the new filter in place. Jack the vehicle backs out and removes the jack stands. Lower the vehicle from the jacks and remove the jack. Above the engine should see a lid that says “oil.” Unscrew and fill the oil with a funnel. After filling the car with the oil, start the vehicle for 15-30 seconds and then turn off the vehicle. There should be a dipstick near the oil cap. Pull it, clean it, replace it and remove it to check it again. If you are at the right level, you are finished. If not, add what you need. Do not forget to record your mileage to know when to change your oil ahead!

Good job! You changed your oil, and you proved your friends were wrong! Just remember to keep track of how far you have to go until your next change in your odometer, and your car will run like a dream in its entirety.


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